Iberá Wetlands

It is one of the most important fresh water reserves of the continent. There are 1.3 million hectares which increase in the rainy season and play a valuable role in regulating the amount of water that drains from the area into the Paraná river through the river Corrientes. This natural paradise is also the largest protected area in Argentina. In 1983 the provincial government decided that this area should be spared and it was declared a Provincial Nature Reserve. Lately it also has been incorporated as a Ramsar Site, thus stopping all hunting, trapping and casual logging in order to preserve such a fine unspoiled and amazing natural wonder for future generations. The whole area has a very small population living in several villages scattered here and there and in still surviving cattle ranches.

The Iberá Wetlands are in idyllic place set in the heart of Corrientes province, in the northeast of the country, because of its internationally recognized scenic beauty and the biodiversity of its ecosystems.
This green expanse is made up of marshes and lagoons. This makes a refuge for a varied wildlife. It is the home to an important diversity of flora and fauna including various rare or threatened species or in danger of extinction. The maned wolf, the neotropical otter, the marsh deer, capibaras as well as both types of yacarés – the black and the broad-snouted and over 350 species of birds are few samples of the biodiversity you may enjoy.
This endless list of possibilities makes this destination one of the most attractive of Argentina´s Ecotourism circuits.
To the surprise of many visitors, the animals are within hand´s reach and allow themselves to be seen from very close. For Iberá Expeditions it is a privilege to go on unforgettable photo safaris where the birds can be seen wheeling overhead. The typical scenery of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini with its adobe houses, the Corrientes sunsets, together with the wonders of nature, enable unique shots to be taken.
One can also enjoy guided night walks along the jungle paths under a star-spangled sky, spotting nocturnal animals like the tatú armadillo, weasels and foxes. The company of an expert guide is essential as they know the secrets of the lagoon and animals.
Guided horse-rides and treks really must not be missed, riding deep into the wetlands where the sunset catches you by surprise among the palm trees and the sound of the birds returning to their nests.