Green Actions

Some home steps we practice in Ecoposada

1. The Ecoposada del Estero lodge has been built following the principles of “Sustainable Construction” and “Ecological Architecture” – we used local resources and materials, respect for the environment, efficient use of energy and water, use of passive solar energy. It was designed by Professors of the University of Corrientes with the traditional “ Corrientes” local style. The choice of materials and construction processes are intimately related to the landscape, the climate and local cultural traditions.

2. Adobe construction and high roofs help keep rooms cold in summer and warm in winter.

3. Strategic landscaping. We are surrounded of abundant native trees, we consider native flora sacred and we are determined to preserve it as they provide us with the best cooling system ever and also food and refuge to all the local birds and other animals.

4. The use of ceiling fans instead of air conditioners suffice. This is a very good way of cooling a room in an eco friendly way when temperatures are very high.

5. We take care of energy saving:
– Our appliances are all energy-efficient.
– We have already replaced our light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
– We also turn off the lights when not in use. We carefully trained our staff to be aware of energy saving and putting off electric devices not in use.
– We always hang dry our Laundry. Dry our clothes naturally.

6. We use water in a very rational way. .
– We don’t use hot water when cold water will do.
– We trained our staff to take care of water and avoid wasting it. We recommend our guests to turn off the water when soaping hands and brushing teeth and to take shorter showers, five minutes or less.

7. We separate recyclables from organic waste and produce compost. Colonia Carlos Pellegrini has its own recycling plant.

8. We buy only what we need. The biggest problem our planet has is consumerism. Today we are extracting resources from 1 planet and a half…. Buy only what you really need. Help the Planet to survive.
– We buy in bulk to reduce packaging costs and resources needed to make products as well as packaging waste.
– We have a reuse program. We invite our guests to join our solidarity campaign to reuse clothes and other items that are no longer being used.

9. We are active.
– We work together with the local government in order to foster environmental campaigns. We consider education to be the key to save the planet.
– We give the community, local guides and schools environmental education through different workshops.
– We organize every year the “Birds and Wildlife Fair” in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini with the participation of the local, provincial and national Government.
Talks, workshops and activities for grownups and children are offered in order to raise awareness of the importance of nature involving the community and tourism.
– We also have our own non-formal environmental education school called “ Ecotaller Timbo” to integrate the English language into the biological, ecological and environmental aspects related to tourism.
Eco workshops by Ecoposada del Estero, Argentina
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