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Ibera Expediciones is part of the lodge. We have more than a decade of experience in organizing tours, excursions and expeditions in the Ibera Natural Reservation focusing on the needs of the guests.
Among the activities you will find: guided horse-rides through the marsh and the palm forest; night walks; a visit to Cambá Trapo; boat trips on the lake; kayaks and bicycles for personal use.

We invite you to make amazing boat trips navigating between streams and stretches of water in the lagoon Iberá where the incredible wildlife may be seen in its habitat.
To the surprise of many visitors, the animals are within hand’s reach and allow themselves to be seen from very close.
You may spot marsh deer, otters, capybaras, black caimans, yellow anacondas and hundreds of birds, among others. Many of these species are in danger of extinction. All tours are guided by skilled naturalists and birdwatchers.


We want our tour participants to have great wildlife experiences, memories of which will last a lifetime.
In these expeditions you can experience the amazing night sounds of the marshes and also discover the mysteries of the Iberá wetlands nights.
You will be able to spot all those animals that get active during the night like: foxes, black armadillos, capybaras, skunks, raccoons, wild cats, caimans, brocket deer, marsh deer, weasels, and night birds, among others. .
Both activities are a unique and special experience, as in the 4X4 SAFARIS you are allow to drive a longer distance using a strong flash light to spot wildlife while in the NIGHT WALKS you can get really close to animals and spot them right in their own habitat (forests and jungle) with individual flash lights. To be silent is an indispensable condition in this tour.


Natural and cultural Expedition

This activity takes place in the Cambá Trapo Marshlands, 15km away from the Iberá Lagoon. It is the only excursion in the region that combines both wildlife and cultural aspects of the Iberá. It all begins with a guided walk with José Martin a wildlife Interpreter and Ornithologist through a genuine Enchanted Forest, visiting three different natural provinces: the Chaco forest with its beautiful flooded palm groves, with the Misiones Jungle and the Entre Rios forest. These three regions blend to create an exotic place of incomparable beauty, where the flora expresses itself in capricious shapes and colors, and the fauna: like foxes, raccoons, skunks, brocket deers, hundreds of birds, and others, leave their footprints at every step. There are excellent bird watching opportunities of endangered species like the yellow crested cardinal.


We offer to all bird lovers the best photo safaris in the Iberá Wetlands around three different natural provinces: the Chaco forest with its beautiful flooded palm groves, with the Misiones Jungle and the Entre Rios forest. Where you can spot species in danger of extinction and all the specialties of every ecosystem.
The Iberá Wetlands are the home of the stunning Strange–tailed Tyrant, Sharp –tailed Tyrant, Sharp-Tailed Grass-Tyrant, Black and White Monjita, yellow-rumped Marshbird, White-headed Marsh-Tyrant, Streamer-tailed Tyrant, the magnificent Jabirus and the endangered Yellow cardinal. A number of rare seedeaters are also a possibility.
The skilled naturalist and birdwatcher José Martin will accompany you in this expedition. He was born and bred in the Iberá marshlands and therefore knows better than anyone the bird’s territories, their songs and movements.
We have many different trails and areas that you can choose depending on your special interests. Some of them are:

– Cambá Trapo Marshalnds
– Yuqui and Aguará Marshlands
– Ovechá Ratí Marshlands
– Colonia Carlos Pellegrini surroundings and access roads.
– Spotting night birds

Discover the amazing nature and learn about the “Gaucho” … by horse


Imagine yourself … riding deep into the wetlands where the sunset catches you by surprise among the palm trees and the sound of the birds returning to their nests.

The diversity of the Correntine scenery, quiet horses that are used to the marshes and skilled naturalist guides are the keys to the excellence of our horse treks.
The Iberá is characterized by the immensity of its marshes, savannahs, forests and wild palm stands, places that can only be visited and admired on horseback.
They are hidden corners that tell us of their native and creole past, and allow us to revisit the past with its interesting gaucho traditions… history that helps us to understand the present of the Iberá marshes and its latent Gaucho cultural heritage.