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Ecotaller Timbó


The Eco Taller is situated in the town of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, just beside a gorgeous forest in the Ibera Marshlands reserve. This park is a source of national pride in the country of Argentina, known for its abundant bird species, progressive wildlife conservation projects, and abundant natural beauty. Due to its isolation, the people in this small community are tasked with coming together for its protection and helping visitors to understand its one of a kind nature. The Eco Taller strives to educate the youth of this town to be leaders in the conservation of this beauty through education and awareness. The children that attend will more than likely grow up to work in the tourism industry as tour guides, park rangers, and advocates for the environment. As a result, an understanding of both the rich biodiversity and fragile ecosystems surrounding them is of immense importance to their future careers. Additionally, as international travelers are common in this national gem, an understanding of the English language will help them to adequately convey this nature’s richness and promote understanding in all those who come to visit.


The Eco Taller engages its students in an alternative learning approach. With a focus on pedagogy, the Eco Taller embraces positivity and passion for subject matter within its students. By adopting a unique teaching approach with learning through games, interactive activities such as plays or role-playing, and music, students are engaged with each other and therefore develop communication skills as well as understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, classes are conducted in the open air as much as possible to directly witness the beauty surrounding them and learn the natural rhythm. This helps students to foster this appreciation for their environment from the very beginning. We long to create bilingual students who are passionate about their surroundings and educated in its natural rhythms.
Ecotaller Timbó
Ecotaller Timbó

In the Classroom

Regarding the specific themes in the classroom, many different biological and ecological topics are discussed. This includes everything from recognizing the immensely crucial insects that inhabit each and every crevice, to classifying the innumerable birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians that form the backbone of this incredible ecosystem. Students also learn about the different trees and plant life, as well as their adaptations to survive in the unique habitats offered in Ibera. Additionally, it is important for students to recognize the vast web of interactions between each of these different species, families, and kingdoms that function to ensure the proper functioning of the ecosystem. As each species occupies and thrives in its own niche, the system is allowed to prosper. When this fragile balance is disrupted, even on a small scale, the entire system is changed. With this, we also discuss the impact contamination and human destruction can have on this balance. Proactive and widespread preventative strategies are crucial in preserving this ecosystem for the generations to come. As these students are the future of the Ibera marshlands, they must be adequately prepared to be proactive and outspoken in the protection and conservation of this great treasure.

Ecotaller Timbó
Ecotaller Timbó

Language Development

English is one of our main focuses, therefore its integration into the teaching of ecological concepts comes into consideration. The Eco Taller aims to create an interdisciplinary approach where language learning is infused and merged with the learning of biology and other subjects so as to expand student vocabulary and create language depth in areas most useful in their career trajectory. With this intermixing of subject matter, step by step these children will move closer to being bilingual, therefore broadening their horizons and creating opportunities to move forward in the conservation and appreciation of Ibera.

Future of the Eco Taller

The Eco Taller aims to continue moving forward with the teaching of biology and English in a unique and progressive way. Therefore, with this school we seek motivated and passionate individuals who can share a deep love for the aspects that make this setting so amazing. Additionally, we seek those who can share the English language with our students from a native level so as to increase their speaking proficiency and comfort.

As the students grow in age, we want to bring in volunteers who adopt a positive approach and can continue in the bar we have set. We encourage self-starters and independent thinkers to reach out with creative ideas for the further development and forward progress of the Eco Taller.

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