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Ecoposada del estero Ecolodge is located at Lagoon Iberá in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini in the Iberá Wetlands. Iberá Wetlands is a provincial reserve covering more than 1.500.000 ha in the heart of the Province of Corrientes. It is internationally recognized for its scenic beauty and the biodiversity of its ecosystems.
This green expanse is made up of wetlands, marshes and lagoons. This wildlife refuge is home to an important diversity of flora and fauna including various rare or threatened species or in danger of extinction, amongst which are the maned wolf, the neotropical otter, the marsh deer and carpinchos. It also has both types of caiman found in Argentina: the black and the broad-snouted and over 350 species of birds.
This endless list of possibilities makes this destination one of the most attractive of Argentina´s Ecotourism circuits.
To the surprise of many visitors, the animals are within hand´s reach and allow themselves to be seen from very close.

Determined to preserve this wonderful environment, the Ecoposada del Estero ecolodge has been built following the principles of “Sustainable Construction” and “Ecological Architecture” – use of local resources and materials, respect for the environment, efficient use of energy and water, use of renewable energy. It was designed by Professors of the University of Corrientes with the traditional “ Corrientes” local style. The choice of materials and construction processes are intimately related to the landscape, the climate and local cultural traditions.

All these special features make the Ecoposada del Estero unique in the area. It is comfortable and bright, with adobe walls, wood on the roof and rustic gaucho decoration. All these combined with the best and varied excursions organized by Ibera Expediciones. Ecotourism for us is not only fauna and flora, but also people. We aim to foster Ecoturism as an encounter between different cultures and not just a shallow visit.

Our commitment

Jose and his wife, Estrella, and Roberto and his wife, Cora, have engaged in this project which has three strategic pillars we are profoundly proud of:

1. The Ecolodge: a tourist inn that offers full-service packages all year round in a sustainable and ecological way.

2. The Nature Reserve Cambá Trapo (together with the Azata Natural History Foundation) where flora and fauna are conserved. This includes pastures of native grasses for feeding our cattle (a program of Grassfed Beef with the Wildlife Foundation and Aves Argentinas).

3. A Social Responsability Program promoting environmental education within the community with different activities throughout the year in Iberá and elsewhere. Join our solidarity campaign to reuse clothes and other items no longer in use. They will be taken to rural schools where they can make a difference. Your grain of sand is more than welcome. Thank you.